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The first arrow struck the Elk broadside. The Bull jumped forward in surprise as though suddenly stung by a large insect. Yet for some reason, as if struck by Cupid, the Elk remained curiously intrigued despite the sizeable bolt projecting from its right side. Apparently a hapless slave to his baser passions, he remained strangely attracted and compelled to further cow calls from Cooley.
The goal for many hunters who come to Alberta is not just finding Mule Deer to harvest, but finding BIG Mule Deer to harvest. Scott Doshan achieved that goal when he scored the biggest Archery Mule Deer for the year in Alberta. There were many impressive aspects to Scott's hunt. One of the most impressive aspects was: his wife Andrea was right there with him!
It began with an idea. Mirek Rezek visualized it in the foreground of his mind. It would be a gift to his son, and in a way, to himself. It would be a rare chance to bond together in the North, on a father and son Moose hunt before Craig joined the US Marine Corps the following February.
As we watched the mule deer buck of my dreams bound over the far ridge I was kicking myself for not taking a shot. But in reality, my chances of making a good shot on him was not likely as he was at 350 to 450 yards running. As this big buck disappeared over the hill, my guide, Brett commented "That's one of the biggest mule deer bucks I have ever seen!"
Brock Lesnar, the "baddest man on the planet," took southern Alberta by storm at the tail end of 2010. He bagged two trophy deer in less than four days - a Muley and a Whitetail. The first was, in Brock's words, "...a respectable, male deer buck". The latter won Largest Whitetail in the province-nearly taking Brock's arm off in the process. Here is the story of Brock Lesnar's ultimate hunt.